Reason People are Prescribed Stimulants

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Stimulants are a type of medication prescribed to treat various medical conditions. A stimulant is a drug that excites any bodily function, more specifically those that increase brain and central nervous system activity (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). When stimulant medications are taken, dopamine and norepinephrine levels are increased which helps transmit signals between nerves in the brain which increase brain activity. This medication promotes the brain to be alert, increase motor activity and, wakefulness which why it is prescribed to treat many medical conditions. The reasons people are prescribed stimulants varies based on their medical condition. On the other hand, because these medications are prescribed for many…show more content…
These stimulants are very similar in the way that they both increase one’s ability to focus, keep you awake and raise the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. Several of these medications have variations of the pills that change the amount of time they last and how they react with the brain. The first type of variation is IR (Immediate Release) stimulants, this variation releases all of the medication into the brain rapidly, to reduce adverse effects. Due to the immediate release of the medication it doesn’t last very long in the brain. This medicine would only be ideal for those who only need it to last a short period of time but, for those who need it for a long time such as students in school, it is a big inconvenience. In order for the medicine to work effectively throughout a school day you must take multiple pills, multiple times a day. It is troublesome to do this because if a student had to do this, they must go to the office, check in and sign for the pills, then receive the pills from a teacher and then the teacher must watch the student take the pill. Additionally if the pills are not taken exactly when the other pill wears off, it can cause a “roller coaster” effect where in between pills the symptoms of ADHD/ADD will reappear (Connor, Steingard.) The concern of a “roller coaster” effect could more significantly affect a person who is not prescribed because they do not know the right dosage or that there is a possibility to have a
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