Reason Vs Instinct Research Paper

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Which Is Superior : Reason or Instinct? “Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.” Don Marquis explains the superiority of reason over instinct. Without reason, many of the things people choose wouldn’t be logical, and can lead to devastating consequences. Generally, reason can lead to positive, or at least logical decisions. Reason undeniably overrules instinct because of the logical choices, reliability, and the wider variety of possibilities it can result in. To begin, reason can definitely be more probable over instinct, especially in life-or-death situations. For example, in The Most Dangerous Game, General Zaroff exclaimed, “The animal had nothing but his legs and his instinct. Instinct is no match for reason. When I thought…show more content…
Critics may argue that instinct is more reliable, because it gives you the, “gut feeling” when something is wrong. Nevertheless, reason can positively affect the outcome of life or death situations. Take, for example, a school shooting. If a shooter were to come in the room, one’s instinct would be to run. However, in a case like this, there’s a low survival rate for it. Instead, if they used reason, which could lead them to fighting back, distracting the shooter, or doing something to prevent any casualties. Also, instinct may cloud the person’s perception of a situation. In dramatic situations, like two friends fighting, if one friend uses instinct, results could be more dramatic, leaving the friendship to be broken. For example, a little girl and her friend got in a recent fight over a vacation picture. The girl’s friend used instinct instead of reason, and yelled at the little girl to defend her. However, the little girl used reason, and tried to decipher ways to ease the situation. If both of the girls used instinct, the drama would have been more…show more content…
Reason helps grow the amount of possibilities with the expansion of knowledge from previous mistakes. It also shows a trustworthy reliability in specific situations, such as a school shooting. Finally, it proves to be more probable, because humanity is able to discover different ways to survive, letting them live longer than those living based on their instinct. The quote, “Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun,” written by Don Marquis, can clearly explain how reason is able to choose , between who lives and who dies, thus proving its superiority to
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