Reason for Being Late to School

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Poor organization is the most common reason for lateness. People wait until the last minute, and then do not allow themselves enough time to travel. In order to be on time for school and work, you should figure out how much time it takes you to travel from your house to your school or job - add ten to fifteen minutes to that number - this gives you a little bit of leeway in case traffic is bad or there is an obstruction like a wreck or a railroad train. Have your things organized so that you do not spend a lot of time hunting all over the house for clothes, books, keys, etc. Learn how long it normally takes you to get dressed and ready to leave - again, give yourself an extra ten minutes just in case! - it is better to be ready early and …show more content…
Banging on the door and begging for that someone to speed things up in the bathroom could help, but if it’s an older sibling you’re in for a long argument and some more begging.
You left something at home – You’re all set to go, most often than not you’re already on your trip to school, admiring the roadside view, having the morning chat with your friend, snuggly sitting beside your special someone, happily texting away or listening to your mp3 player and then suddenly something dreadful comes to mind and your life flashes before your eyes. You left something very important back at home or at the dorm!!
From school IDs, to books, homeworks and projects to mobile phones and even your wallet. When you accidentally leave these behind at home, it feels like you’ve left behind half of what and who you are. Or sometimes it feels like going to school naked with your hands tied to your back. And your professor is ready with the guillotine, waiting for you to just walk in and surrender yourself to his or her mercy.
Silenced alarms and wrong calendars – for some strange reasons, we set the alarm before we went to bed. The alarm, ever diligent as it is, rang and went on at the exact same time you set it. Unfortunately this ruins your good sleep and you almost wreck it in the effort of turning it off. Minutes or hours later you jolt up from bed realizing that the alarm has already did its job but it’s too late for you. Only a few more minutes before

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