Reasonable Doubt: The Viewpoint of the Jurors Essay

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In the U.S. our system is formulated by various means to construct tweleve fair and unbiased jurors. Whom acording to our text, hypothetically decide cases based on “burden of proof and reasonable doubt.” These individuals listen and take into account the evidence and testimoneys of witnesses appointed by both the prosecution and defense through the duration of the trial. Though many make a preliminary decision based on the opening statements. Once trial has commenced the jury is dissmissed to the deliberation room. Where disscussion about the elements of the case and the defendents specific actions begin, but jurors usually vote as soon as they retire to jury room and the orginal vote wins the majority of the time. Allowing their own…show more content…
This was before more facts and evidence were indepthly conveyed. Therefore, I would change my vote due to Henry Fonda’s agrument of “possible but not plausible.” I particually based my decsion on the diagram of the apartment floor plan along with the lady’s statement of hearing a scream during the passing of a L-train. These two I believe prove reasonable doubt. Regarding the film and how I view jurors and the system is diffcult to say. I’ve never been on a jury, but I believe its diffucult to sit aside your own views and look at a cases fairly. Thats why is cruical for the prosectuion to present evidence and testimoneys that leave no room for reasonable doubt. I also believe our system works best based on the courtroom actors, and chances for the defense to appel the verdict. However, the thought its still intemidating to think if I were on trial and were innocent i’d be left up to tweleve individuals to decide wheater or not I was. In conclusion, I really enjoyed the film. I have even considered buying the film. Henry Fonda’s role as a dissenting juror in a murder trial slowly manageing to convince the others that the case is not as obviously clear as it seemed in court was supurb. Taking film as a course, made me enjoy the film even more because I paid close attention to the film making aspects also. Filming in one room, for partcality the whole movie was noteablly stressful for the actors, who on screen proformace of yelling
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