Reasonable Doubt: The Viewpoint of the Jurors Essay

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In the U.S. our system is formulated by various means to construct tweleve fair and unbiased jurors. Whom acording to our text, hypothetically decide cases based on “burden of proof and reasonable doubt.” These individuals listen and take into account the evidence and testimoneys of witnesses appointed by both the prosecution and defense through the duration of the trial. Though many make a preliminary decision based on the opening statements. Once trial has commenced the jury is dissmissed to the deliberation room. Where disscussion about the elements of the case and the defendents specific actions begin, but jurors usually vote as soon as they retire to jury room and the orginal vote wins the majority of the time. Allowing their own knowledge, experiences, morals, and values to dictate their decisions.
This is evident throughout the film 12-Angry Men, particularly two scenes. The first is when Henry Fonda’s character asks one man to recall the films he watched with his wife a couple of days before. This was specfic to the case because the boy who was facing death acknoewledged to the court he was watching a movie during the time the murder took place, but could not recall the films. The man was basing his decison of guilty off this factor because he believed his intellogence and memory was strong enough to recall these films as he bleieved the boy could but wouldn’t as a defense. Nonetheless, the man could not recall the films he had watched. The second, was the final…