Reasoning for Keeping Physical Education in the Curriculum

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Dear Mr Vaughan I am writing in accordance to the letter you sent out about abolishing Physical Education from your school’s curriculum. I wish to express my reasoning and justifications for Physical Education to be included. My main issue is with your statement that PE should be abolished because it has little educational significance. I could not disagree more, it has more significance, as it doesn’t go in pursuit of ‘knowledge’ per say, it aims to achieve: An improvement in perceptual knowledge of everyday surroundings, this helps to give students a greater ability to respond to situations in appropriate way; It also helps the students to focus, if they are in a game situation, they will focus on what they’re doing in order to respond…show more content…
They will learn how to compete with themselves and others. This, alongside a degree of self-improvement can be powerful life skills that could prove very useful in their future careers. Other skills that PE can offer an assistance with are: team building and leadership skills that will also provoke the awareness of the people around you and make the students alert to how the peers around them work and give them guidance and support on how to improve or overcome some problems or obstacles they may encounter, be this within PE, other lessons, and everyday life. I feel strongly about the inclusion of PE as it can completely change the attitudes of students for a more positive point of view on many subjects. It has many more positive implications on students than it does negatives, your students will have a break from the typical classroom environment and get a break from just sitting in class and having to swallow a large intake of information which, can be difficult for some students. Learning becomes practical and more student oriented which can involve those students who learn in: kinaesthetic, auditory, and visual ways. The students who find sitting and having to read and make notes difficult have ample opportunity to excel in Physical Education, as they have a chance to learn in their preferred way and gain self-esteem and confidence to try more
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