Reasons Are Bullshit By Bernard Roth

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“Reasons are Bullshit” Bernard Roth, a Professor at the d. school in California, has an impressively valid outlook as to why all reasons given are bullshit. Roth provides numerous examples of people who use regularly use excuses to get by in life; however, he also plays the devil’s advocate when stating that excuses may help you in the current situation but does it really help you at all in the long run. In the second chapter of his book, Roth classifies the use of excuses into several categories; ethically, logically, and emotionally. Although I understand Roth’s beliefs there are some areas I fundamentally disagree with. Such as, some excuses must be explained no matter what the circumstances were due to the fact that the reasoning is important. Roth would rebuttal by saying reasons have no meaning which in turn goes back to having no excuses. Roth utilizes an abundance of forms of thinking to emphasize his point. He explains to every student the three possible rationalizations for excuses. Once again he suggests every excuse is bullshit, and has no place in an individual’s life. These excuses are ultimately hampering an individual’s ability to reach for his or her dreams. Bernard Roth, author of, “The Achievement Habit, stop wishing, start doing and take control of your life” effectively uses Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle in chapter two, his argument contains ethos, pathos, and logos to authenticate the thought that reasons are bullshit. Roth’s credibility and
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