Reasons Behind Implementing Big Data Analytics

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With today’s technology age advancing at a rapid rate, almost as fast as it takes to search something on Google, this can be both a blessing and a curse for all parties involved. Reasons behind implementing big data analytics in companies marketing strategies are changing, which really takes a toll on the marketing and business world. Marketing researchers have taken advantages of technology advances, especially concerning big data, within the past few years and their company’s success shows for it. Companies create rewards point cards and emailing lists to track purchases so that they can suggest other products to their consumers for convenience. Although this marketing strategy has seemed to work for multiple companies, consumers are calling this type of marketing research an invasion of privacy. To some consumers, they view it as a personal right to withhold all the information on what they consume. Even though the companies are still staying true to the marketing concept, some consumers only see that the ultimate motive is to only benefit the company. Although both sides are valid, one can still question whether or not big data is an ethical marketing strategy or not. Big Data is a newer term that has been introduced to the technology world. By definition, the term “Big Data” refers to large amounts of complex sets of data, their relationships and their analysis. (Electronic Privacy Info Center). It can also be defined as a “collection of data from traditional and
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