Reasons Behind The Paul Simon

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Reasons why I 'm interested in Paul Simon Job Corps ' ACT Program, well, they began with my interest in the United States Air Force as well as my desire to progress my knowledge, and be able to support my wife and family in the future. My biggest struggle in the ACT Program would more than likely be dealing with time constraints and what solutions I will probably have. One of the bigger reasons I wish to join the Paul Simon ACT Program would be my plans for the United States Air Force. For many generations men in both of my families have served in the United States Armed Forces, and I wish to continue this tradition in respect to my father figure and grandfather, Jacob William Boner, former Air Force enlisted as well my overall patriotism towards my country. However, I believe I cannot perform the best I can for my country and memory of my grandfather without this college education. In the United States Air Force an Associates Degree would assist putting me in a Tier 1 Education Category which increases your chances of higher rank as well as working positions. It is my plan that I utilize my college education to shorten my necessary time to become a commissioned officer which would further help me in my future. It is my hope that with this college education I can use my knowledge from these classes to combat terrorism, secure our country 's security, and express my devotion to my country and my grandfather. Education means everything nowadays and I wish to utilize this
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