Reasons Behind The War On Drugs

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This paper aims to elaborate the significant reasons behind the war on drugs between the Mexican government and the drug cartels in Mexico and examine the impact of this conflict on Mexico and on US National Security. Drug Trafficking or any other illegal activity related to drug Cartels and gangs pose an imminent threat to the Mexican governance because of the corruption and the violence they generate. Illegal drugs affect not only Mexico but also the U.S in terms of trafficking and consumption. The Mexican government has always taken many initiatives to fight this threat and the pressure of the U.S has put the Mexican government in a complex situation with no other alternative than to continue to fight. The war on drugs in Mexico took a different turn when President Calderon took office in 2006. He implemented the Merida Initiative, a bi-lateral anti-narcotics initiative funded by the US and Mexico. Since the Mexican government has declared the war on drugs, its impact on the nation has been profound and the violence it generated has even crossed the border. The urge to create a safe environment for socio-economic development and to decrease violence linked to drug trafficking in the US are two significant reasons behind the war on drug in Mexico through the Merida Initiative. Moreover, the militarization of security strategies in Mexico to combat drugs has resulted in an increase in violence and human rights violations in the nation. It has also threatened the US border
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