Reasons Behind the Fall of Rome, Nazi Germany, and The Indus Valley

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Have you ever thought that your world was perfect, with everything the way it should be, and nothing that could ever make it fall? Well, is your government corrupted, do you lack needed resources, or do you have a failing security? Great societies fall because of political corruption, the lack of resources, and a failed security system. These are a few reasons why Rome, Nazi Germany, The Indus Valley people, and The Maze Runner societies are nothing but stories now. One reason why great societies fall is because of corrupt leaders. In Maze Runner, a book written by James Dashner, two of the leaders in this society go completely crazy. This influences the opinions of the other members of the area and causes conflict and confusion among them. This caused a large gap to form in the peoples’ trust. It also lead to the downfall of their political system. Political corruption does not just happen in dystopian literature. It happened during the time of Nazi Germany. Hitler took power in the society and used that power against other races and religions living in that area. People then took action against the Hitler and the Nazis. This began World War ll, which the Nazis lost, causing the society to fall. In both the world of Maze Runner and Nazi Germany, political corruption played a large part in their downfall. A society doesn’t just fall because of political corruption, it can also fall because the society lacks necessary resources. In Maze Runner, they were not supplied with
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