Reasons For American Independence

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Colonists like myself have never really fought against others countries. However, the unfair treatment we are all receiving should be stopped. We are trying to take a stand for our Independence from your country Britain. We want to be able to govern ourselves instead of by others who don’t know our situation. This independence would do justice to both of the countries. It would benefit both of us. Us colonists here would be better off governing ourselves. As Thomas Paine says in Common Sense, “A government of our own is our natural right: And when a man seriously reflects on the precariousness of human affairs, he will become convinced, that it is infinitely wiser and safer, to form a constitution of our own in a cool deliberate manner, while we have it in our power, than to trust such an interesting event to time and chance.” Paine is saying it is smarter for us colonists to govern ourselves. Why? Well, because we can make our own rules how we’d like. We know what is better for us, and what will better our ways of living. Paine also says it is safer for us to govern ourselves. I agree because who better to…show more content…
However, I believe differently. Why can’t we just let everybody govern themselves? Like you govern yourselves we should get the chance to govern ourselves too. Everybody deserves fair treatment, including us. Giving us our Independence would be the right thing to do and everybody would be able to focus on their own nation instead of others. In conclusion, colonists should get their right to their Independence from British. We deserve to have the opportunity to govern ourselves and make our own choices for our better. We should be able to make our nation more powerful with our own doing. This whole conflict should stop by giving us what we want, and your nation being in peace with their correct
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