Reasons For Asian High School Students

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Out of the many reasons why Asian high school students are not applying to colleges, this paper will discuss two reasons. First being, some Asian students are not able to pay for tuition. According to Gildersleeve (as cited by Hellen, 2002), for the past 20 years it has been more difficult for lower-income students to afford for college through merit-based financial aid in comparison to students who comes from middle to higher-income families. The second reason is because of their ethnicity. Which is why it is vital for school counselor to be multicultural competence and promote higher education for the Asian community. Within the Asian community, Hmong students are “among the poorest students, poorer than other immigrant and refugee students in the American educational system (Vang, 2005; as cited by Siu, 1996; Vang, 1999; Vang; 2001). According to Savitz-Romer (2012; as cited by Bolland, 2003), it is “common among low-income and minority youth and further deters students from actively engaging in college planning and decision-making behaviors (p. 100).
Fallon K. Dodson (2013) wrote that “One of the major challenges school counselors face is uncertainty about whether they are sufficiently prepared to meet the needs of multiracial, multilingual, and multicultural students” (p. 18). The purpose of Dodson’s study was to examine the self-perception multicultural competence. Dodson believes that school counselors will be able to adequately work with diverse students, families,
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