Reasons For Being A Successful Student

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Going to BCC was honestly my last option, I was that girl that wanted to get out and go somewhere and meet new people. After finishing my first semester I could say I learned everything I needed to know and more from the classes I took. The most important thing I learned from attending BCC was how to be a successful student. Being a successful student means that you go above and beyond what they ask for. It means don 't procrastinate on all your homework, hand everything on time and maybe even early, don 't be late to your classes, and always come prepared. There are three major steps to being a successful student and they are time management, studying, and test taking. Being a successful student is key especially if you want to succeed. Time Management is a big role in being successful and having enough time to complete your work. During time management there are two major factors that will come in and interfere you from getting your work done; they are procrastination and distractions. Every student starts off by being a procrastinator but according to Steel “of those people who procrastinate on a regular basis, 95 percent want to change their behavior.”(page 32). There are many down sides to doing all your work last minute like pulling all nighters, giving teachers bad work, and/or not doing it. Some strategies for beating procrastination are; writing in a agenda and having all your homework wrote down and when its due, put your phone away from you so you can just

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