Reasons For Children Eating Junk Food

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One of the most important aspects of a child’s life is maintaining a healthy diet. Eating healthy foods will allow a child to grow and develop in the best way possible. In modern days, however, children are increasing their consumption of junk food. Parents play a huge role in these children’s eating habits as children are normally not aware of the differences between nutritious food and junk food. Hence, parents should monitor what their child consumes to ensure that they are in good shape. Eating junk food, without moderation, could lead to severely harmful impacts on a child’s life. Children are attracted to junk food for several reasons. One reason why children eat junk food is because of how convenient it is to purchase. In most areas, there is a fast food restaurant at every corner. Children could easily walk to these locations and purchase a meal when they are hungry. Parents may also stop by a drive thru to order a meal for their child if they have a busy schedule. Also, there are many food deserts around the world, which are locations with very limited or no fresh, healthful foods at all. Children who live in areas as such may only have the option of eating junk food. The second reason why children consume junk food is because of the inexpensive price tag. In the British Medical Journal, researchers published that junk food is approximately $1.50 cheaper per day and $550 per year than healthy food. The third reason why children eat junk food is due to the marketing

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