Reasons For Choice And Refinement Of Question

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Reason for choice and refinement of question I have chosen the topic of the effect of discrimination on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community’s mental health, because I find this topic interesting and I know a few LGBT people who are afraid to be themselves because of this discrimination and the effects it can have. I have been exposed to the issues this community faces from news stories about gay rights and protests to support gay marriage in Australia. I have always wondered how many people in the LGBT community experienced prejudice by others and have decided the research project is the perfect opportunity to find out. I have some knowledge in this topic as I myself have been exposed to this discrimination because…show more content…
I will also look at other famous celebrities, e.g. Ian Thorpe, who hid is sexuality for years for fear that it would harm his career. This method will be easier than the interviewing as I will not have to worry about offending the person as they have only posted what they want people to see. I could run into issues if I don’t interview someone with respect to their privacy and personal information. I need to make sure that the questions I ask are not offensive, and that the person is ok with everything that I plan to use for my research project. Part of my research project will also be in the quantitative research method category, because as well as getting an insight from LGBT community members themselves about the effects of discrimination, I also need statistics. I will gather these statistics from websites, a survey, and reports, and this will make up my secondary data. Beyond blue has several good reports on this with a wide range of statistics, and the Safe Schools coalition does as well. I have chosen these research processes because then I have a variety of primary and secondary sources form different locations, and because then I can gather both statistical data and be informed of the ways in which people think and feel in regards to my research project question. These processes are appropriate to my research project topic as they help me find out the exact effects
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