Reasons For Choosing For College Students

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Succeeding in college is important. College life can sometimes seem like a constant party, leaving no time to study. College students do not study effectively or put enough of time into studying. Things that prevent one from studying effectively are bad time management skills, too much leisure and not focusing on ones work that’s due, and being easily distracted. Effective studying involves prioritizing, staying organized, and good time management skills. All these things are key components to succeeding in college and if done correctly can really help one achieve. Many college students do not know how to prioritize correctly. In Prioritizing Ones College Assignments, the author states, “When you prioritize, one determines the order in which things are to be done. It would be easy if time was the only thing to consider, but it is not. One also have to consider the importance of the task, the effort involved, and other factors. For the most important part, academic events should be near the top of the priority list” (Milone). This quote implies that prioritizing is essentials in studying effectively. Prioritizing is to organize things so that the most important things will get done. Prioritize is when doing an essay that is due tomorrow instead of going to a party that night. Doing ones essay instead of going to a party will ensure that you will get a better grade, which would help you in the long run to get better grades. In prioritizing tasks, you should look at the
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