Reasons For Choosing My Family

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Engaging with families that are different from own can shape us as teachers, by allowing us to observe how others behave apart from in the classroom. Situations in the home affect the teachers experience and the child is learning the ability. Teacher’s, as well as parents, need to set boundaries in the home and school to allow their children to become successful. The ways in which we approach others determines the outcomes of the individuals. There are several key points addressed in the paper which include a rationale for choosing my family, and an introduction of myself. Others include the differences in our families in our families, appropriate questions when meeting the family and children. The family chosen is a co-worker Gianna; she is a hardworking mother and worker. She has two young children and an older daughter. She is a single mom struggling to raise her children and take care of herself Gianna is facing cancer of the uterus, working at Goodwill, making a little money. She does not have a car, having to walk to work and take her children to day-care. Her eldest daughter is a freeloader who has four children and a boyfriend. Gianna was kind enough to let them move in when they did not have a place to live. They did not have jobs, and could not help with the bills. At this point in life, she was struggling to provide a home and food for two families. When she finally had enough, she made them move out. They took all her food and stole hidden money.
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