Reasons For Global Warming Is Happening

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There are too many reasons for why global warming is happening. The few main reasons for global warming are fossil fuels being burned at factories or power plants, vehicle transportation burning, agricultural mass production of animals making methane, deforestation burnings, and sometimes that volcano with a gas problem. All of these issues started two centuries ago as the humans looked upon the beautiful green Earth and saw something else they could use for their own personal needs. They then stared upon their fossil fuel resources, they did need something to run the machines on. Inventors inventing, mass producing, and using these items become a norm among the many people within the land. Of course they also needed food too so they breed and mass produced those animals as well. BUT we need items to build our shelter to make these houses for the growing population and land to hold us and our animals, i’m sure a couple of trees is fine. But they didn’t stop. they kept taking, making, breeding, mass producing, slowly all of these used resources only left behind greenhouses gasses. These greenhouse gasses were made mainly of carbon dioxide with trace gases methane, nitrous oxide, and some chlorofluorocarbon. Now these things are not the only reasons, but they are the causes that started this domino effect, spiraling downwards into a pit of a dry planet desert with salt oceans an alien might find one day. Now I myself am not innocent in any way here as I also contribute

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