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It is a honor to be invited to join the National Junior Honors Society. I believe I have the qualities to be excepted. I am a leader, have good character, participate in my community through service, and a good citizen. Therefore, I should be accepted into the NJHS. To begin, I exhibit qualities of a great leader. Firstly, at my Saturday morning bowling league, I am positioned as the anchor, which means I am expected to lead my team to victory.. Secondly, I lead by being a good example to my peers, and I am a positive role model. Lastly, when my friends have problems they come to me and I lead them to a positive solution. This is being a good leader. Next, I show good character in many ways. One way is that is that I am honest. For example, when anyone asks me a question I always answer with the truth. Also, I like to be open to all people, and I also have a loving personality. Good character is an important necessity for NJHS.…show more content…
I serve at my church by helping the kids learn more about their religion and I occasionally help at the food bank. Also, every Wednesday I help babysit my baby cousin Olivia. But, the main reason I give service is to learn more about life and people. I also give service because it brings joy to my heart. In addition citizenship is important. To show good citizenship, I respect authority, follow rules, and stick up for people. I practice good citizenship everyday. This is what it takes to be a good citizen. In conclusion, It is important to have leadership, good character, give service, and be an upstanding citizen. It would be an honor to be inducted into NJHS. Therefore, I have the qualities to be inducted to the
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