Reasons For Premature Birth Of Preterm Birth

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In this essay the writer will outline the possible reasons for premature birth, how it could be prevented by both the mother and health care professionals, as well as the possible health outcomes of a baby that has been born prematurely. This includes both short and long term health complications and the possibility of developing mental or physical disabilities . Finally the writer will look at the costs associated with the care of premature babies that is funded by the National Health Service (NHS) and the government.

When a baby is born before thirty seven weeks of pregnancy this is classed by medical professionals as a premature birth. The only medical way to determine a date of conception as well as possible due dates of the baby is to use the date two weeks after the mothers last period, this will then be used as a guideline to determine premature birth (Your Baby 's Development, 2007). There are three stages of preterm birth. The first being Extremely Preterm meaning that the baby is born before twenty eight weeks of pregnancy. Secondly is Very Preterm, which is when the baby is born between twenty eight to thirty two weeks of pregnancy and lastly is Moderate to Late preterm which is when the baby is born from thirty two to thirty seven weeks of pregnancy (Tommy 's, No Date).

While a baby could be born at twenty eight weeks of pregnancy just four weeks earlier the same baby could have been aborted (NHS, 2015). However, at the latest stage of pregnancy where abortion…

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