Reasons For Quitting High School

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Alfred D. Souza once said that obstacles were a part of life, rather than something to overcome before starting life. My life has been filled with many obstacles and I too have realized that all those obstacles make up my life, and are not just something to overcome before beginning life. Some of the obstacles that I have had to deal with in my life this far include finishing high school, getting over a fear of bridges, and, more recently, deciding whether or not to further my education.
Quitting high school is one of the poorest decisions I have ever made. With just four months left until graduation, I decided to quit school and move out of my parent 's house and in with who was my boyfriend at the time due to increasing tension and
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My fear of bridges began when I was old enough to drive, but stemmed from a recurring dream that began in early childhood. In that dream, I was a passenger in the back seat of a car that was traveling along a long dark road without a driver. I was trapped in this car, and terribly frightened because the doors were locked and I was unable to unlocked them, there were no handles or buttons to rolls down the windows, and I could not move to the front seat. A long and tall bridge would come into view, and the car would begin to drive up. Once the car reached the highest point of the bridge, it would suddenly make a sharp left and go over the side of the bridge. Just before hitting the water, I would wake up. Initially, I coped with this fear by simply avoiding bridges. If a situation arose that required traveling over a large bridge, such as the Parker Vertical Lift bridge, I would arrange my travel plans so that I was a passenger with someone else. My plan worked well for several years, however, when I was 19, circumstances in my life changed and I had to move, which required having to drive across the Parker Vertical Lift Bridge. I was extremely afraid of that and spent many sleepless nights fretting over having to make the dreadful drive. On the morning of the move, I concluded that there was no way to get out of making the drive. I got into my car, which also happened to be a station wagon,
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