Reasons For Sigmund Freud's Rejection Of Religion?

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The sole purpose of this paper is to investigate and uncover the reasons as to why Sigmund Freud refused to believe in religion. Sigmund Freud was an unbelievable psychologist and philosopher. He was known for discovering many great ideas such us psychoanalysis and for truly understanding human development as well as atypical development. Freud was also known for his strong rejection of religion. Freud believed religion was an illusion and thought that those who followed religion were weak and part of the ignorant society. Freud lost his faith in religion growing up. He had many difficulties in his childhood. Freud didn’t have a great relationship with his parents and surely enough lost all his loved ones at a very young age. Freud struggled with the idea of protection. He lost faith in God because he was taught that God was supposed to protect and save you from hardship but unfortunately for Freud, he didn’t experience that. Thus, this paper will unveil the reasons for Freud’s rejection of religion.

Why Did Sigmund Freud Reject Religion? One of the most well-known psychologists and philosophers studied even still till today is Sigmund Freud. Freud’s teachings continue to influence people all over the world. Freud was known for many things but one of the things he is really known for is his atheistic views. Freud denied any belief of a religion. With this perception he had, he was able to build an abundant set of his own philosophies and
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