Reasons For Studying Abroad In Thailand

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A lot of preparation is needed to make study abroad fulfilling. I would want to study abroad in Thailand to realize my long-term goal. For that reason, I have worked on preparations for learning and growing lots with the exchange study abroad in Thailand.

First, improving language abilities and international exchanges. To stay a long time over the sea. Communications in a language of the country are indispensable. In addition, international students learn in English at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University in Thailand.
For this reason, I am improving my English ability of university's Learning English program as English Connection (EC) and Talk Time. In the fall semester of the second year grade, I took a class for exchange students. In that class,
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Something sees this study abroad is due to my willingness to realize my future goals. The cause is that my goal is to contribute to the reality of a multicultural symbiosis society as a social worker, and to think that Thai learning is important.

Something is, as globalization progresses in Japan, social workers are also under an obligation to have language skills and international feelings. The number of foreigners who live together in Japan and those who have roots abroad has increased, and it is increasing that social workers will assist those people because of that. The need for "multicultural social work" to respond to such needs is rising.
I feel that intention also in my personal experience. I am working part time in community volunteer activities and child welfare facilities. Under such circumstances, I met many people who have roots abroad. I also had to experience and realized the necessity of international welfare more.
For this reason, language skills in diversifying and internationalizing needs are imperative. For that reason, learning English, Thai, and international senses during Thailand's study abroad helps to become active as a social
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