Reasons For Successful Success Rate Of Lean

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It has been quite a while since lean manufacturing was started to be implemented. After Toyota’s huge success, many companies started looking at lean as a panacea to all the problems their companies were facing, and started to replicate Toyota’s efforts. The lack of holistic understanding of lean philosophy lead to most of the early failures. People knew that lean clearly had the potential of wide applications, even outside the manufacturing industries. However, even after the philosophy was mature enough to show successful results for some companies, the success rate of lean implementation was very limited, in some cases, as low as 50% [citation required]. Thus, effort has been taking place in order to identify the reasons
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2. Lack of top level leadership:
In order to successfully implement lean, the top management should have a clear vision of goals and strategy behind the lean initiative. If the top level management lacks in this, then it cannot lead and the lower levels of hierarchy in bringing about the change and monitor the implementation stages closely in order to make sure that everyone is following the right direction towards successfully achieving the objectives.

3. Lack of top level management commitment and support:
Thus, as mentioned above, the top level management should be involved in bringing about the lean transformation in a way that the top management has all the intellectual as well as financial and other resources that the employees would require. Also, the top level management has the highest stakes in the success/failure of the lean transformation. Thus, it is imperative that the top level management clearly understands the goals and stays committed to providing whatever support the employees may need in order to successfully implement lean.

4. Lack of communication between management and workers:
The strategic goals of the lean implementation should be clearly and uniquely understood through
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