Reasons For The Administration And Evaluation Of Educational Appraisals

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Reason for Referral In order to experience the administration and evaluation of educational appraisals, the examiner conducted intelligence and academic assessments with Kael Stafford as well as interviewed Shannon Stafford, Kael’s mother to determine his behaviors. As a result of the assessments and interview, the examiner identified Kael’s strengths and weaknesses in various areas. The examiner administered the assessments to Kael applying standard evaluation procedures. Background Informational & Educational/Development History When four years old, Kael’s mother enrolled him at a Montessori school and attended through kindergarten. Once in the first-grade, Kael began attending public school where he continues with good health and an outstanding attendance record. However, during his early elementary years, Kael’s speech became a concern for his mother, due to a slight stutter; therefore, she requested an evaluation with his school’s speech language pathologist. The results concluded Kael’s speech as age-appropriate. Meanwhile, throughout the years, Kael remains friends with his classmates and maintains a good rapport with his teachers. In addition, Kael’s academic records prove satisfactory with the support and encouragement from his parents. Now with Kael currently in sixth-grade, his elementary career comes to end this school year, while middle school awaits him. Behaviors during Assessments During all the assessments, Kael exhibited confidence, cooperation, and
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