Reasons For The Country Of Iraq

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C. Military Ranking
V. Resources
A. Oil
B. Production Iraq
This essay is going to cover the country of Iraq. I have found its history very interesting and facts about the country, culture and military. This country has an astounded religious and cultural history. I believe Iraq was once self sufficient because of its Dictator however a great threat to the world. Sometimes I am very puzzled how we invaded the country and changed their government from a Baathes dictatorship to a multicultural, multiethnic democratically elected government. Based on my personnel opinion I believe that Iraq will never be a self-sufficient Country if its government remains democratically ran until people there could put aside their religious beliefs, political beliefs and ethnic differences for their countries stability. If Iraq could eventually resolve its inner issues with civilians, government and military our government could potentially have a stronghold for any potential future operations we may have in the Middle East. Iraq’s location is in the Middle East and its region borders Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Syria, Kuwait and Turkey. There is also a very little portion of the Persian Gulf on the southeast border of Iraq. Iraq has 437,072 square kilometers (168,753 square miles) of territory more than twice the size of Idaho. Baghdad is Iraq 's capital, which is located in the center of the country. (Encyclopedia of the Nations)

During the summer, in
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