Reasons For The Cross Pollination

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Justification The term cross pollination may be used to best describe the sharing of theories, mathematical computations, algorithms, languages, hardware architecture, system software, applications software and tools between computer science and software engineering. Computer scientists utilize mathematics and theory to analyze if something works. Software engineers apply known rules in order to build and design things. Calude et al. (2008) quoted Vladimir Arnold in their research regarding proofs, “Proofs are to mathematics what spelling (or even calligraphy) is to poetry. Mathematical works do consist of proofs, just as poems do consist of characters” (p. 6). Proofs are sets of facts that are crucial in explaining theories and concepts. The analogy previously stated denotes the importance, fundamentalism, and structure of proofs in mathematics. Lehman et al. (2012) provided several correlations on how proofs factored in various disciplines in their research: Computer Science: proofs are used to certify that software and hardware will always behave correctly, something that no amount of testing can do. Judicial System: legal truths are decided by a jury based on allowable evidence presented at trial. Business World: authoritative truths are specified by a trusted person or organization, or maybe just your boss. Physics or Biology: scientific truths is confirmed by experiment Statistics: probable truths are established by statistical analysis of sample data. Philosophy:
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