Reasons For The Customer Service Complaints

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To identify the reasons for the customer service complaints and find out the ways to improve its customer service standard and levels.
Seek feedback on ideas and customer service training requirements:
• Listening and active listening: Cricket Equip’s staffs need to improve the required skills of active listening. This includes seeking information from what customers have informed, confirmed what they have informed and interpreting their requirements.
• asking questions to gain information, clarify ambiguities and adequately understand requirements: all the staffs should demonstrate the required skills to articulate, interpreting and checking with customers to understand what their needs, wants and expectations are.
Meeting presentation:
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It is a process to help staffs improve their performance in the workplace. It is about improving staff’s performance level and concentrate on the task results
Counselling Counselling is used when there is an issue with staff behavior, performance and personal issues in the workplace.
Mentoring Share information, experiences and give and receive advices and guidance. It is to create a positive influence on staffs’ professional work resulting from the relationship
On or off-the-job training and development They are very flexible training methods to allow staffs to develop their knowledge and experience in the workplace and after business hours.

An email to the external training provider seeking information about the training:
Subject: Inquiry for enrolling a short course of customer service
Dear sir/madam,
I would like to find out whether there is a short course of customer service available within your training organisation. If so can you please inform me the training starting date, time, location and the training costs you charge for per student?
Your response is highly appreciated.
Kind regards
Cricket Equip
Evaluate how
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