Reasons For The Death Penalty Essay

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There is nothing humane about killing a human being. The act of committing murder is offensive and cruel (Mappes, DeGrazia & Zembaty, 2012). Justice can be served in various ways and will be as effective as the death penalty. Life imprisonment without parole is one such way of dealing with persons convicted of committing a murder (Mappes, DeGrazia & Zembaty, 2012).
While abolitionists and retentionists continue to discuss their viewpoints on the death penalty, it does appear that the retentionists do not have any concrete arguments other than retaining the death penalty as a form of retribution for murders committed. However, as the abolitionists propose it is worthwhile for individuals to pay the penalty of a crime in a humane manner (Mappes, DeGrazia & Zembaty, 2012).
1. Religious worldviews do not support the death penalty. It is a global understanding that the Bible indicates that humans should not take each other lives. The teaching of the Bible supports a moral lifestyle and in most cultures the Bible has a significant impact on how individuals should treat each other.
2. Reiman, Stephenson & Bolinko stated that “all lives are absolute, and the death penalty is wrong”. Each human being believes that they are valuable to society and deserves a right to life. Waking up each day is an internal joy for most individuals. Existence means everything to them.

3. Judicial errors have been prevalent in the court system and innocent persons sometimes pay the penalty for acts
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