Reasons For The Development Of Robots And Artificial Intelligence

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence:
Robotics and Artificial intelligence is the aspect of technology which deals with the concept of design, construction, operation and application of the Robotics field. Furthermore; the various reasons for the development of robotics and artificial intelligence, the explanation of these concepts and also their future advancements which would impact the business world will be discussed in this essay.

Reasons for development
Why would the world need to develop robots and artificial intelligence? In my opinion it would be to eliminate human operation, not in a bed sense as to wiping the world of human beings but instead to eliminate the risk factor we all deal with everyday such as health risks, accidents and being victims of criminal activities such as robberies. If we hard robots to drive our cars it would be much easier because robots "don't" make mistakes, they do not get tired and they can't get
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Unlike humans, robots do not need to be housed, clothed or fed therefore money would be saved because one does not need to pay a robot salary or wages. Another fact would be that robots are efficient, because there is no need for sleep they can carry out work that needs to be done throughout the entire day as well as throughout the night without taking a single break. Production will be high, the quality of the product being created or the quality of the service will remain consistent. Costs would massively be reduced by "employing" robotics, examples of this can already be seen in factories which use robotic machines for production. Unlike humans robots are quite accurate and they produce a higher quality of products due to the factors above
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