Reasons For The Fall Of Pakistan Essay

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It’s been more than 68 years of so called independence but yet we are not free. Although we were assigned with a new territory and a new title yet we haven’t stood up on our own. Pakistan is enormously confined within a foreign group of countries. And they manipulate us as they want and we are bound to follow them. A country prospers only when the basic requirements, food, clothes and shelter, are rendered to its citizens. But to do so, first we have to liberate our homeland from foreign affairs. There are a number of factors that are responsible for the downfall of Pakistan. Let’s have a look on 10 primary reasons behind the downfall of Pakistan:
1. Poverty
Poverty-the absence of basic necessities, is the main cause of a number of different problems. In Pakistan, during the past decade, the poverty has been increased by 30% to 40%. Pakistan is the country where more than 55% of population lies under the poverty line. The political strategies by the governing bodies are so weak that even after 68 years, we couldn’t cope up with poverty. We have the world’s best irrigation system, abundance of natural resources, rich land and warm water seashore yet we are among the world’s poorest countries.
2. Terrorism
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And now it has become the root cause of all the major problems. We’re considered as land of terrorists in the eye of the world. It’s been almost 15 years that Pakistan is fighting the war against terrorism. This war gave a huge blow to the already crippled economy of Pakistan. The interest of foreign investors started descending and recently it was almost finished. Thousands of Pakistanis were killed and millions were migrated leaving everything behind. This war broke the backbone of Pakistan. They major causes that lead the people to terrorism are illiteracy and

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