Reasons For The Food Policy Council For New York City

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Reasons to establish Food Policy Council for New York City

New York City has about 8 million residents. Out of 8 million 1.8 million low-income residents rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ( According to Hunger Experience poll done by food bank of NYC approximately 2.6 million new Yorkers reported difficulty to buy food in 2012 which is 32 percent of the population. About 30 percent of the residents buy less food to afford living in the NYC, and about 17 percent of the residents buy less healthy food because they cannot afford the healthy food. In addition, 39 percent families with children had difficulty providing meals for the family. In low income households with children suffers the most affording food, 70 percent of the household reported difficulty buying food with annual income of less than $25,000.

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene currently reports more than half of adults which is 34 percent are overweight or 22 percent of them are obese. As we know obesity increases the risk of many chronic conditions such as cardiac diseases, stroke and high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Which ultimately increase the health care cost paid by Medicare. Root cause of the obesity epidemic is intake of all the unhealthy sugary sweet beverages, high sodium content processed food and lack of knowledge of nutrition values and diet ( New York State spends about $6.1 billion annually to fight diet related diseases (New
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