Reasons For The Occurrence Of Medication Errors

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One study had investigated reasons for the occurrence of medication errors, which included distractions, failure to identify the correct patient, similar names of medications and miscalculated doses (Mayo & Duncan, 2004). These factors are preventable measures that registered nurses have absolute control of. By following the fundamental framework of the “five rights”, it can prevent an error to occur and ultimately prevent a patient from harm. This framework is beneficial while educating nursing students but it is also important that novice nurses and experienced nurses continue to follow the “five rights” because it sets the fundamental guideline of what should be identified at each process.
A study conducted by Kim and Bates (2012) identified that nurses failed to use at least two identifiers before providing medications because they were familiar with whom patients were and consistent confirmation was not necessary. This shows poor clinical judgment that can lead to overall poor nursing practice. Experienced nurses may feel “comfortable” in their roles but certain situations during their shift may still cause distractions from accurately checking medications to the correct patient. As nurses continue to practice and gain experience, they also become more confident overtime. Confidence is an important factor of nursing practice but getting too comfortable can cause a negative outcome.
Studies have identified that incidents of medication errors frequently occur during…
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