Reasons For The Other Wes Moore

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In the book “The Other Wes Moore,” Wes is a boy that gets in trouble way too often. For example he is in prison for life right now. It is his fault, yet he has other people to blame.Who was this to blame? His biggest inspiration is his brother, who sells drugs on a daily basis. His mother is another one to blame for. Wes himself put most of this on him. In addition, Wes’s brother Tony had a big influence in Wes’s childhood. Tony was Wes’s older brother, and he didn’t set a good example for his little brother. “Tony had started dealing drugs in those shadowy hallways of Murphy Homes before he was ten.” Tony wanted his brother to go in the right path, but Wes still followed Tony’s future. “Tony ended up in a shoot-out with a few of the corner…show more content…
Could he be an average guy if he didn’t do most of the things he does today. Yes, some of the things he’s done he could have picked the opposite way. Unfortunately, he didn’t though. One day he and his girlfriend were partying, and Wes decided to have sex with his Alicia. She ran tests to see if she was pregnant. The result came in, and it turned out that she was three weeks pregnant. So, by the age of 15 he had his own kid already. Wes also was arguing with his girlfriend one night. Her cousin, Ray, saw them arguing, and her Ray decided to fight with Wes. Ray was on top of Wes punching him in the face. Wes already bruised up and with a bloody nose went inside to go get a gun. Wes came out and shot a couple rounds, but missed. Her cousin ran down the block, and Wes followed. Long story short Wes shot Ray, and went back to his house like nothing ever happened. The cops knocked on the front door of Wes’s house. Wes tried to put on a clean shirt on. “Seconds later, his head was being pushed face down onto his own bed, his hands locked in cuffs behind him. In conclusion, Wes had been in a lot of trouble in his life. Between shooting a guy. Getting a girl pregnant at age fourteen. He also didn’t have people in his life that showed him between right and wrong. Wes’s attitude has been laid back in majority. But he can have a short temper at some
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