Reasons For The Revolution Of The American Revolution

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Circumstances that lead colonists to the American Revolution The American Revolution was one that was not started in a day, a week, or even a year. Rather, there were many actions taken and many circumstances that led the colonies toward a revolt. The clashing of colonists and the British caused ill feelings and tensions that built up to violence in some cases. Though the most important of those many factors may be debated, there are 3 that can be broken down to show their significance. The repression of the colonies by the British Parliament through passing of unfair laws, excessive taxation and blockade actions, and British military and Colonial actions that instigated uprisings. The new found colonial spirit structured a culture that began to inspire freedom and innovation for trade. This did not fare well with the British Parliament and after varied successes in the colonies, the Parliament began to see the colonial spirit as a threat. British Parliament attempted to repress the colonies and break the bonds of the culture that the colonies were building. The passing of different proclamations and laws would be the biggest attempts at oppression Parliament would try. After the defeating the French in the Seven Years War, the colonies acquired land west of their settlements. The colonists were elated by the victory because it inevitably meant that a western expansion opportunity was in sight. Not everyone was particularly excited with this notion. King George III had a
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