Reasons For The Rise Of Partisan Politics

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Reasons for the rise of partisan politics in the Early Republic The First Party System refers to a period between 1792 and the 1820’s when the American political system was divided into two parties. Both parties, the Federalist Party, and the Democratic-Republican Party, wanted control of the Congress, the presidency, and the states. The parties were the result of the differences between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson on how to solve various national problems such as the economic crisis that was threatening the nation at the time (Dickerson, 2004). However, the roots of these political parties and concerns emerged during the constitution ratification process. On one hand, the Federalists supported the constitution while, on the other hand, the Antifederalists (Democratic-Republican) did not support it due to key issues that had not been considered in the new constitution (rAndon HersHey & Beck, 2015). A key contentious issue was that the constitution had outlined the rights and the functions of the government but did not outline the rights of the people. The Federalists argued that by outlining the bill of rights, they could be interpreted as the only rights an individual should have according to the constitution. On the other hand, the Antifederalists position was that lack of a bill of rights in the constitution could lead to tyranny since the government had not established the boundaries it could not violate among the people. Print publication in newspapers was

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