Iron Curtain Vietnam

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The United States became increasingly involved with the War in Vietnam mostly thanks to their enmity with Russia due to the fact they were Communist, and how the USSR spread claiming countries that could’ve been turned democratic and become trading partners of the US. While Russia, Britain and the USA were all allies in WW1, they disagreed on many things, especially on how Germany should be punished and how should Europe be handled. THE USSR AND THE USA. During 1940-1970, the USSR and the USA were the world’s leading superpowers. After WW2, it was the US money that helped rebuild nearly all of Western Europe, putting nearly half a dozen countries into debt. They opened trade and helped Europe’s ravaged economy to get back onto its feet.…show more content…
The result of these two country’s actions divided Europe into two halves, separated by a solid (fictional) ‘Iron curtain’. This also resulted in the Cold War, which was a war of words, lies, threats and different ideologies. It consisted of the two superpowers stockpiling massive amounts of nuclear weapons in fear that the other might attack. Eventually both countries had collected enough warheads to destroy the world many times over. THE CONFLICT IN VIETNAM. In Vietnam, a civil war was raging on with the French rulers, who were there since 1856. At the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, 1954, they were finally kicked out. However, Europe wasn’t happy with this - at the Geneva Conventions they decided to divide Vietnam into two parts at the 17 parallel – South Vietnam and North Vietnam. The Geneva conference stated that the French had to leave, but they stayed on South Vietnam’s side as to the advantages each side received. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN NORTH VIETNAM AND SOUTH VIETNAM. North Vietnam was a communist state, controlled by Ho Chi Minh, a communist revolutionary. It was supported by China and Russia, who supplied them during the conflict. Its army was called the Vietcong, and its political party were the Vietminh. It was much more popular with the people than South Vietnam, supporting their religion and principles South Vietnam was ruled by President
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