Reasons For The War Between The Entente And Central Powers Essay

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Miriam Ramirez
HIST 317-01
Professor David Nelson
October 8, 2014
Exam #1
There were several factors that led to war in Europe. Alliances existed between The Entente and Central Powers, which created rifts between the allies. This affected Europe’s Powers because the power’s progression turned into a battle of which country could maintain the upper hand over their rival. Three of the major factors that contributed to the path of war for The Central Powers, specifically Germany were imperialism, nationalism, and industrialization.
Industrialization first occurred in Great Britain in the late eighteenth century. Great Britain had been able to achieve low-cost production method, which drove to the migration of industrial technologies. Since Great Britain was a rival of the Central Powers, they wanted to copy and out-do Britain’s production methods. The Central Powers also wanted to have the upper hand with their military because Great Britain had been a leading power in the military, specially with their Navy. This created a problem though because Germany wanted to catch up to Britain’s industrialization.
Germany did not industrialize right away, but did make a huge advancement and was able to catch up and minimize the gap that Great Britain had created for the other powers. Germany had managed to grow at twice the rate of Britain, which meant that it was doubling every fifteen years. This was huge for Germany because it meant that it was industrializing at a faster rate

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