Reasons Given by the Suffragettes for Demanding the Vote for Women in the United Kingdom

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Source A shows an example of a suffragette poster protesting for votes for women. The poster illustrates the possibilities of jobs that a women can achieve, yet still not be respected enough to be given the vote. Most of the jobs listed on the poster are jobs that require a successful education such as a “doctor or teacher”; or they require a strong and trustworthy individual like a “mayor”. The reasons that the suffragettes are demanding the vote is because they believe that women are capable of many things that require importance, so they are very deserving of the vote. Another reason for wanting the vote for women, would relate to how certain men could behave and still have the honour to vote. The poster mentions how a man could be a…show more content…
How useful are sources F and G as evidence for the contribution of women to the War Effort in years 1914 – 1918 Women were trying to persuade their country that they deserved the suffrage. Many of their attempts were unsuccessful, but when World War One started, many women tried to put as much effort as possible to help their country survive through this time. Source F is a propaganda poster which is encouraging women to enrol as a munitions worker. This meant that women were responsible of the production of guns and ammunition for the soldiers. The job given is a very important aspect of England’s hope of flourishing during the War. Seeing as if the soldiers were not given enough or correct weapons then the chance of death on the battle field was a lot more likely. This poster was produced by the government. The fact that the government were encouraging women to take on such an important task could be sign of how much they needed women’s aid to get through the time of the war, or it could mean that women were not getting significantly involved with the war so they had to be persuaded. Source F was produced in 1916 which was two years after the war began, this could be an indication of how Great Britain was suffering and needed more help. Source F may explain how women’s help was needed in the war but it doesn’t

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