Reasons Of Nationalism In India

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The following essay talks about Nationalism. This essay will give reasons of nationalism behind different community challenges and how it affects the country. The reason why I choose this problem because I think that the idea of nationalism is one of the most important ideas in which are the actions taken by the members of the nation when they are seeing in achieving self-determination. And it stands for the ideology which is based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion towards his/her nation which surpass other individual or group interests.
Nationalism is a modern movement. After it came it got ignored in political philosophy which got noticed. And in last decade, it further led to issues in the international justice of terrorism, the clash of civilisations. But still, all this are just the definition or meaning of nationalism. Actually, if we think about this word “Nationalism” a lot of questions go through our mind
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The role of nationalism in India. The conditions of the minority groups are growing worst day by day and the reason is many possible things. Some administrative people make our constitution worst. The population of Muslim people is going down. It’s true that in higher position there are minority people but in the community and national identity they are very less. India is a very composite country because it consists of a lot of languages, religions, customs, ways of living life etc. And all these things are in the majority and minority groups which led to inner conflicts which give a very bad outcome of the nation’s state. And the basic issue of India is to build up a real and inner sense. And the main point he made was that the feeling of nationalism is going enlarging and more especially it takes place when a country is under foreign dominate. Like how India was under British government during that time how Gandhi’s spirit to get independence led to
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