Reasons : Should There Be Label Warnings?

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Should There Be Label Warnings?

• There are over 95,000 labels and warnings on drugs and medical devices that people and animal consume and use today, under the regulation of the FDA
• According to the FDA “…“marijuana and marijuana-derived products” are “drugs (Ascik, 2017).”
• According to the DEA, “marijuana is a mind-altering (psychoactive) drug (Ascik, 2017).”
• In 1996 the Surgeon General’s wrote a report describing marijuana as an “addictive drug”
• Despite its legalization in many states today, the FDA still has not deemed marijuana to be safe or effective for consumption. (Ascik, 2017)

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Should There Be Label Warnings?
• A research document: “The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids.” was released
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Regulatory Policies.

Local, state and federal law presently regulates marijuana. Each state develops its own regulatory policies, with some being stricter than others. Despite that there are nation wide laws making it illegal:
• For minors to use marijuana for recreation
• To drive under the influence of marijuana
• To carry marijuana across one legal state into one where it is illegal

According to the Marijuana Revenue and Regulation Act by the Senate Finance Committee:
• There will be an annual occupational tax on producers of marijuana products similar to that of tobacco manufacturers, in the amount of $1000.
• Producers, importers, and wholesalers are required to get a permit from Treasury before they can operate
• There needs to be truthful advertising and fairness in the marketplace
• No more than one ounce of marijuana can be sold in any one retail transaction

Would a state that legalized pot attract more businesses?
In 2016, a study was conducted to analyze
“The Economic Impacts of Marijuana Sales in the State of California”
Low- and high-consumption demand scenarios were used to account for doubts in the data collected

• Sales were projected to sustain 81,000 - 103,000 yearly jobs.
• Sales were projected to produce $8.4 billion - $10.6 billion in industry activity,
• $5.5 billion - $7.0 billion of this activity would add new economic value to the state.
• Sales revenues were estimated to be $15.9

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