Reasons Someone Would Want to Be a Police Officer and the Required Attributes

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Introduction There are many possible reasons for someone desiring to become a police officer and the attributes that would best suit a person to be a police officer are also numerous. Surveys of active police officers reveal a number of selfless and self-interested reasons for pursuing such a career. In addition, multiple studies of active police officers and their departments define a number of personality traits sought by police departments and exhibited by successful police officers. Body: Reasons Someone Would Want to be a Police Officer The reasons someone would want to be a police officer might be as numerous as the candidates. However, discussions with working police officers have defined some consistent reasons. Common desires are learning and upholding the law in order to improve their communities and keep them safe/orderly by serving their communities as law enforcers. A number of people have dreamed of becoming police officers since they were children, either because they wish to be the first police officers in their families or to continue family traditions in which their family members have served as police officers. Still others have served in the armed forces and wish to continue in that general line of work without some of the more unpleasant aspects of military duty, such as moving frequently and being deployed for military policing actions or wars in foreign countries. Other individuals who intend to work with horse units and/or the K-9 Corps enjoy
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