Reasons That Mead Does Not Fit In This Society

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1. When you take a take a walk, is it merely to get somewhere? Or do you ever walk just to “get away” from it all?

• I walk to clear my head
• I enjoy walking and running
• Sometimes I running helps me problem solve

2. What questions do you have about what life will be like in year 2053? Write them down.

• How does the world look?
• Did any species go extinct?
• What is the human population count?

3. How much TV do you watch each day, on average? How much time do you spend looking at a screen each day- whether a TV, a computer, a mobile phone, or some other device? Write them down.

• I spend around two hours weekly watching TV and over 12 hours on the weekend.
• I spend 9 hours of looking at a screen each day because I work on a computer
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Mead is an outcast because thinks differently some the norm.

3. Explain the possible reasons that Mead does not fit in this society.
His house was lit up the most out of the other houses on his street; he just needed a break for electric devices or maybe even electricity. A walk in cool dark night is relaxing for him. He doesn’t fit in because unlike others, he wants real fresh air and enjoys his night walks.

4. What does he most love to do? Mead enjoys putting his feet “upon that buckling concrete walk, to step over grassy seams and make your way, hands in pockets, through the silences”.

5. Who does he ask, “What’s up on channel 4, channel 7, channel 9?

Mead was whispering directly to the houses or the TV through the windows to be exact.

6. How many people live in the city?

Three million people live in the city.

7. How many police cars were there?

There was only one since past election that cut down three cars to one.

8. What is his profession?

Mead stated that he used to be a writer however he hadn’t written in years since magazines and books stopped being sold.

9. Why does the voice from the police car respond “no
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