Reasons To Become Staff To Eliminate The Cheater And Rule Breakers

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I want to become staff to eliminate the cheater and rule breakers. I want to be able to cut down on them and make sure that they can no longer dirty OPCraft and its community. Make sure they can’t ruin any experiences for newer players or players that have been on OpCraft for a while now. I want to help out all the players I can. Sure I could do it as a player myself but I want to help them on a bigger scale. Responding to player reports, doing support rooms so the wait isn’t long to long, eliminate any cheaters before they ruin someone’s experience, and just do anything I am required to do to help someone while following the rules and guidelines set out for me as a staff member. Another reason on why I want to be staff is, I want to be …show more content…

I would be able to dedicate my time to OPCraft and help improve the server at the same time. Also, I would be able to play when a lot of other staff are at work or school. Meeting new people and making new friends is also one of the reasons. I love to meet new people and hopefully while meeting new people I’ll make some friends. I know OPCraft has some amazing players and some really cool people, I want to be able to meet all of them. Hopefully be able to call some of them my friends. By applying I am enabling myself to put all my skill sets and traits to the test. I will be able to challenge myself in ways I haven’t tried. I will be put in situations I may have never been put into and I will prevail and hopefully pass with flying colors. I want to be challenged and try something new. I am also hoping by applying that this will be the staff team I am able to stay with for a long time. I want to find a great staff team that is welcoming and is sincere about helping all their players and improving their server. Which I know I can find that at OPCraft I just need to pass the one test that lays ahead. I am very motivated to be able to help out this server and I will continue to work hard even if I end up falling on my face and failing a couple times. I would say the last reason I want to become staff is that I want to look back a year or so from now and be proud. I want to be able

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