Reasons To Quit At Valley Forge Dbq

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We have nothing left and the only things we do have are terrible clothes and freezing cold weather we have nothing left to eat. The weather is freezing cold, we have terrible clothes, were sleeping in lousy huts that are straw and mud, and we are struggling to find food and everyone is getting hungry. Based off of this if you were a soldier at valley forge would you have quit? I would have definitely quit at valley forge due to the bad things happening and there were very few reasons to stay. First off, during the winter at valley forge they were lacking to find food and lacking provisions. As shown in the picture in the document B the soldiers all look tired and hungry, they have holes in their shoes, and they have poor clothes. This all …show more content…

In document C it gives out a list of someone describing everyone and it says poor food - cold weather - nasty clothes - i can't endure it - why are we sent here to starve and freeze. These right here are just some of the severe ones they listed. This will give you an idea of how bad it was for them. These all show how bad and it kind of has a tone behind it that shows a little bit of quitting behind it and doubtfulness how they are all just kind of done with it and giving up. And my final reasoning is all the sickness and diseases that they had happening there that were all traveling around so fast. And the illness would just go from person to person and quite a bit of people were dying. It shows in a little chart thing in document A how many people were ill and how many people died the chart claimed at least 1,800 people died. This just all leads back to everything because having no food doesn't help and neither does the cold weather and your chances are pretty good of getting sick. To sum this all together, you can pretty much can conclude from these reasonings that you're not gonna have anything good happen at valley forge and you should just quit. you choosing to re enlist is not a good way to go. The best choice is to quit. Because if you don't you'll most likely end up getting sick, starving, freezing, or giving

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