Reasons Why Amazon And Ebay

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Part A: 1) List at least five reasons why Amazon and eBay are the leaders of the e-commerce? (20 points 4 -points each)
1.Customers reviews: Customers need to know more about the product and prefer to purchase a product that has been recommended, reviewed and rated by other consumers regardless if it’s a positive or a negative review. This feature increases the sales in both Amazon and eBay.
2.Variety of shipping options: Both Amazon and eBay provide shipping options that let the customer’s orders arrive in a fast and efficient way. Amazon has a membership feature which is called Amazon Prime that provide the customers with free shipping, or in some cases like in the U.S. it can be delivered to them on the same day. eBay has three shipping options for sellers, which is free shipping, flat-free shipping and calculated shipping. These shipping options in Amazon and eBay saves money and time. Not only that, but it attracts more consumers.
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4.Trustworthy and safety: Amazon and eBay has been the best e-commerce, so consumers tend to buy and pay with confidence because they know that it’s trusted. additionally, it’s protected till your order arrives to you.
5.Personalized shopping: Both Amazon eBay have a feature of showing the recommended products based on their previous research and purchase. This boosts up the sales and ease up the customer service.
2) Discuss why amazon is not successful in china? (20 points – 4 points
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