Reasons Why Americans Should Attend College

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Reasons Why Americans Should Attend College The most important reason why americans should go to college is that it prepares them to function in this increasingly complex world. Going to college also helps you get skills and help you understand and get better knowledge of things. Having a higher level of education allows you to have more open doors to better jobs and better pay. Including having your own business. Educated people are most likely to succeed. Kids don 't have the luxury of attending good schools in california as we do. We get help from the government to attend school. People with a college degree earn more money over the course of their lives than people without one. Andrew Delbanco states that “ There is abundant evidence…show more content…
Jobless rates are higher for those who don 't have a college degree. In my point of view it might not be necessary if you want to struggle in life trying to get a better paying job. Yes there is jobs that don 't require you to have a degree but there is a few and would most likely be a fast food places. When you look for a job employers will be looking for a good resume whether you did community service went to college finished high school. Caro rotella states “Perspective employers frequently frequently don 't really care what you makored in” explains how prospective employers frequently really care what you majored in. they might look where you went to school and how well you did. And they will consider whether you wrote a decent cover letter. Employers don 't sit there and think to themselves she majored in psychology. Because they don 't need a psychologist. They do care that you are a college graduate. For them that means you have skills that you have developed in the past 4 years if your teacher did the correct job. Which means you can assimilate and organize large complex bodies of information and you can create outcomes to it and you can express everything clearly. What practically matters is that you persuade training in those four years that you went to college. Americans should go to college because they have all the benefits they can get here for example we get fafsa scholarships. Us
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