Reasons Why Children Should Not Always Listen to Their Parents

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There is often quite the conflict when discussing the idea on whether children should always listen to their parents. Of course, there are some things that parents with simply more common sense, wisdom, and foresight just know better than young, inexperienced, and foolish kids. But with everything in life, there is a line. Just as a parent knows, eating too much candy will give a person a stomach ache. But children often realize the best way to keep people interested is to make it new and fashionable. So certainly, there are some reasons why children shouldn’t listen to their parents, as shown by Romeo and Juliet. The first reason why children shouldn’t listen to their parents is sometimes parents think they know what is best for their…show more content…
Juliet realized that even though this would be the easy way out of her issue with Romeo, it would be wrong in the eyes of God and her own ethics would be under serious conflict. In Act III, Scene v, line 117 Juliet says, “Now by Saint Peter’s Church, and Peter too.” She says this after she comes to consciousness about who and where she would be married. However, even though the whole conflict could be resolved if she explained the scenario, but this of course wouldn’t be an option after Romeo killed Tybalt. Truly, Juliet’s idea to disobey her parents was the right choice in the matter or ethics that not only she believed in but her parents. The last reason why it is sometimes better for children to disobey their parents is the idea of growing up and making their own decisions in life. This does not mean that every child should go up to their parents and do the exact opposite of what they say, but sometimes lessons are better learned hands on. A common lesson taught by parents is that not everything that seems good is good. A way to show this is sometimes children smell the scent of vanilla and think that such a substance with a sweet perfume must taste good, however if the parent lets the child try it they soon come to realize that the delectable smelling liquid was very bitter and didn’t taste good at all. The case with Juliet is that even when the nurse says that Juliet might just want to just forget about
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