Reasons Why I Avoid Social Networking Services

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We all have been asked to either stop using a social network or to join a specific social network; like Facebook. We have these two authors; Alan Norton and Dan Fletcher, they give their reasons why we shouldn’t use social networks and why they don’t use them in their essays. Which are, respectively, “10 Reasons Why I Avoid Social Networking Services” and “How Facebook is Redefining Privacy.” In my opinion, it should be up to the reader what they decide to do on social network services. One should have the intelligence to know what is appropriate to post online and what you want others to know about one’s life. Today’s younger generation is consistently using social media and must be taught Internet etiquette. It is up to everyone what they wish to do with him or her time, privacy, and digital footprint. Dan Fletcher’s conclusion is that he wants us, the reader to stop using social networks. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, invented Facebook in his dorm for Ivy League students to keep in touch. Fletcher makes an excellent metaphor comparing the employees for Zuckerberg, who work without cubicles or walls to Facebook’s profiles saying there’s no privacy. Fletcher focuses on Facebook’s privacy policies and how fast they have expanded and the money they have made. He says that Facebook is constantly changing their privacy policies, where he goes in details of all the changes they have done over the years. Zuckerberg’s idea for Facebook is for the world to be open and
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