Reasons Why Motorola's Fundamentals Are Strong And Why Pricewaterhousecoopers Should Consider Their Investment Opportunity

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This memo will outline the reasons why Motorola’s fundamentals are strong and why PricewaterhouseCoopers should consider their investment opportunity. I utilized the 4+2 company evaluation method from the Harvard Business Review article, What Really Works. I conclude from my review that two out of four primary indicators I determined as “healthy”, two out of four for the secondary, and one out of two for the additional categories. This does not fulfill the 4+2 winner system. Although I can’t classify this as a winner I do consider Motorola to definitely be a climber. This system considers four primary and four secondary factors that indicate the overall health of a company. Please review the information below and be ready to meet and…show more content…
Motorola must innovate current technology to keep users connected beyond their phones and to other applications as well. In other words, for Motorola to win the game, perhaps they have to change the rules of the trade (in terms of innovative technology such as Snapchat and Facebook). Motorola is extremely focused on their own research and development and place a large emphasis on the importance of innovation. Strong liquidity within the company proves to be a large advantage for Motorola compared to its less-so-liquid competitors. Companies with cash flow problems tend to have many difficulties while operating within day to day business activities. Execution Motorola passes this requirement with flying colors. Employees rely on their ability to effectively and efficiently execute consistent business practices. Many municipalities and disaster relief efforts use Motorola’s hardware and software technology as a foundation for their own practices and work. Chad Werkema emphasized in a video interview that Motorola’s current supply chain execution within the company is the underlying driver of their continued success, “Execution, it’s just that plain simple, our customers rely on us”. He further stressed the importance of timing and delivery; disasters need immediate relief, simply put. Motorola may be widely known among Americans as
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